Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Neti Pot Can Treat Snoring

Neti pots were in use in India long before the United States gained their independence. Yet, it wasn't until the 21 century when this practice became widely known in the States. Since then it has been proved effective against a wide array of sinus problems, including congestions, allergies, colds, sinusitis, and more.

The tool is so universal it can even help patients to treat snoring and forget about annoying sounds at night for good. Certainly, you have to follow a few simple rules when using nasal irrigation, but those rules are very straightforward and easy to remember.

Neti Pot vs. Snoring: How Does It Work? 
Snoring can happen for a variety of reasons. However, more often than not these snoring sounds are an effect of permanent congestions somewhere inside the nasal passages. Here's how it works:

The passages become partially blocked by the mucus, so when you breathe in, the air passes through a very narrow way;
As large amounts of air pass through a tiny passage the air pressure in that area rises;
This pressure elevation is indicated by common sounds a person with snoring problem produces.
Sometimes, snoring starts only when a person turns to a certain position on his back or on either of his sides. In other instances, it happens right after a person falls asleep. Yet, you should know that snoring can be treated with a simple neti pot.

How exactly? Well, nasal irrigation does what it does - it cleanse your nasal cavities. As the water passes through your sinus, it loosens the mucus and removes it from your nose eventually. Once the congestions in your cavities get removed, the passage for the air you breathe in gets significantly wider.

This relieves some of the pressure and the air passes normally without making any excessive noise. It is much the same way as nasal irrigation helps to improve deviated septum. If there are congestions in your cavities, saline solution will remove them improving clear breathing and eliminating snoring.

Simple Rules When Using Nasal Irrigation 
Nasal cavities are a very gentle structure. They were not designed to be able to resist strong irritants. That's why you have to ensure that several conditions are met:

You ought to use exactly 1% of salt in your saline solution. In other words for each 100 ml of water add 1 g of salt. If you fail to follow this rule, you can damage your nasal membranes or burn away the cilia. Both are very unpleasant and can have some long-lasting effect on your overall condition. Hint: an average teaspoon equals to 6 grams of salt;

Ensure you use warm water of an optimal temperature (around 38°C). Hot or cold water can have the same effect on your sinus as water with too much salt; Don't use tap water; or if you do, at least boil it for several minutes and then cool it down before usage. This way you will kill the bacteria that can be in the water.

Neti pot snoring procedures can help you to forget about this issue once and for all. Don't neglect snoring, as the solution to your problem is just that simple.

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