Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Human Resource and Team Building

Businesses thrive when proper Human Resource and Team Building strategies are implemented. It is difficult to pinpoint a modern and correct definition of 'Human Resource' as interpretations vary from person to person and the persons themselves within a company are invaluable and words cannot describe their input. I believe that 'Human Resource' is the 'engine' that propels the process of education between training and learning so that individuals reach their full potential and it is this individual development that allows for the success of an Organization/Company by the collective effect of this on all the employees.

Any success of any Business/Organization is based on the talented, dedicated and engaged people working for it. Recognizing this is a significant and strategic function at all levels and therefore it makes sense for all Co-operations to have in-tuned, specific individuals within the Firm to deal with the hiring, firing and training of every member of Staff. Each and every member of Staff will then undergo training and will most likely have invaluable contributions to make to the Firm and these individuals summarize the true meaning of 'Human Resource'.

Human beings are not merely commodities and Companies must be cautious in not making employees feel as such. Human beings are naturally creative and love to socialize in order to be productive and so Businesses must opt to value and appreciate employees and facilitate their needs. Therefore the responsibility rests squarely on and is shared equally between the individuals who hire employees and the employees themselves. They are expected to bring character, ethics, creativity and social connections to the table, and are to be given multitude educational advances, training skills, insurance packages and sociability by the company irregardless of fluctuating economic climates. This ensures continual, mutual growth of both the individual and the Company/Organization along with a contribution on a National level as good citizens.

In order to ensure this progress and improve performance, performance expectations must be stated clearly, goals, principles, visions and values must be continually reiterated, commitment must be demanded, and freedom and empowerment will flow. The best way to reinforce these qualities is to plan Team Building events...this brings out the best in individuals. Annual courses, training programs and can rest assured that if these are not accompanied with Team Building events throughout the year, the goals of the Company will not be achieved. Team Building events are essential because they ensure self-development, improve productivity and communications, facilitate problem solving, motivate, strengthen leadership skills and relationships, and basically bring everyone onto the same page. Team Building makes the workplace more enjoyable. The concept of belonging to something larger than oneself awakens one's purpose in the bigger picture.

The ability to work together effectively is crucial in the progress of any Company. Through simple social activities, fun/sports days, or training programs for personal development, bonds can be made an trustworthiness built. In the past, people followed orders, depended on and conformed to managers, co-operated by suppressing thoughts and feelings. Those old methods must not linger as it has been proven that the more modern environment is healthier and must be implemented immediately. People must be allowed to express themselves and come up with their own initiatives. Individuals must be given considerable authority to 'make bigger steps'. This encourages people to think for themselves and to express thoughts/feelings openly which enhances 'getting along' better in the workplace.

The qualities that have been proven necessary for this 'Team-effectiveness' are flexibility, high self-esteem, expressivity, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, trustworthiness and co-operation. 'Dominance', it has been decided, (though in the past it was considered a positive facet) it has been noted that 'Dominance' is now a negative intimidates. For Team Building to be successful there must be balance in personalities. It is in this way that Team building events will bring about well rounded employees with a strong sense of direction and a powerful feeling of belonging with, and with clear, strategic, customer-focused values. It is evident that 'Human Resource' and 'Team Building' complement each other and are the keys to a successful Organization.

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