Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to Find Your Lost Devices

It has happened to everyone at one time or another. Misplacing your electronic device whether it is a phone, tablet, or even a laptop can have serious consequences. This article will give you the reader tips on what you can do to keep track of all those devices you hold so dear.

Apple Devices

There are apps you could download to keep track of your device, but one of the simpler ways is to find you idevice is to use iCloud. In iCloud, there is a feature you can click called "find my iPhone" or "find my Mac". Both of these services locate your devices using a map. There are even security devices in iCloud that let you lock your device from The "find my phone" feature or app can also help to find your iPod touch and/or iPad. Using this feature should keep you iDevices close at hand.

Android Devices

If Android devices are more your speed, Google has you covered with their Android Device Manager. To activate this feature, go into the Google settings app and enable the "Remotely locate this Device" feature. This will allow you to find your Android device when you go to If you want more security, turn on the "Allow remote lock and reset device" feature while you are in the Google settings app.

Doing this will allow you to keep unwanted individuals from gaining access to your device, and even if they do, you can remotely wipe all of the data. Knowing how to do this should now keep you worry free the next time your Android device decides to take an unscheduled trip.

Multi-Platform Solution

If you have devices using multiple operating systems, for example an Android phone and an iPad, and you only want to you one app to locate both, then the solution might be using Prey. Head over to and download the app for whichever device you want to keep track of. This should take you all of 10 to 15 seconds. Prey works on Windows, Mac, iOS(iPad, iPod etc.), Android and even Linux devices. With this app you will be able to report your device stolen or lost at Prey's web service.

Once you do this, you can tell Prey what type of information you want collected about you lost or stolen device. Things like geo-location tracking and even using your camera to take a picture of the person who has taken your phone or other mobile devices are all at your fingertips. The Prey website is full of testimonials from people who have successfully used the Prey service to find their lost or stolen devices no matter where in the world the device ends up.

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